Here in Michigan, it's very hard to find a place that makes decent French Macarons. So as I was in the Royal Oak/Ferndale area earlier today, I couldn't help but make a pit stop at PINWHEEL BAKERY :) I didn't have my camera with me until I got home, so I had to result to taking a single photo before they were all gone. 

Today's selection consisted of raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, pistachio, dulce de leche, and chocolate. 
photo credit: me, myself, and I

Now the key to a good Macaron is this: 
+ the cookie should have an eggshell-like crust on the top, and a moist/chewy consistency underneath (almost like a meringue). 
++ it must have a "foot" (the crackly ringlet that surrounds the bottom of the cookie).
+++ the filling should be light and have a decadent flavor to it.

Pinwheel does a great job making these babies. If you are from around here and a Macaron addict like myself, I suggest you take a trip to Ferndale! And a special thanks to  TOO FANCY FOR PAPER for filling me in on this place. *Cough* Click the link to see her blog *Cough*. It's just about as fab as that scene from Funny Face... you know, when Jo dances in that smokey jazz bar in a pair of loafers?  Makes me smile every time.


  1. haha love this! I had macarons at Easter brunch and they did not look nearly as delish as these :)


  2. THIS IS SO EXCITING! I loooooove macarons [specifically the ones I had from Laudree when I lived in Paris].... but I will be living back in Michigan this summer and Royal Oak is in walking distance from my house!! Can't wait to nom-nom-nom some of these beauties.

    xoxo, Ali Rose