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I could listen to this song over and over and over again. Probably one of my favorites off of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. In addition, my top three favorite artists of today (Yeezy, Ri, and Cudder) all make an appearance in this video. I would also like to refer to my little clip of Times Square on the sidebar... very appropriate for this blog post :)

After watching this I felt the extreme urge to get out and move to the city; New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas. I'm tired of being in the dark, I wanna see some bright lights!

cop lights, flash lights, spot lights, strobe lights, street lights
a l l  o f  t h e  l i g h t s .

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I am usually not one to say this when I talk about Dubstep but this is just pure filth. I definitely blasted this on the way home from class today with the windows down. Yes, my windows were down in the 40-ish degree weather. I guess it had no effect on me, and many others around here, since I've been living in subzero temperatures over the past couple of months. 

That's what happens when you live in Michigan... where the slightest bit of sunlight (and snowfall if I might add) is treated as if it is some sort of phenomenon we have never witnessed before.

these are a few of my favorite things... a juxaposition of luxury and grunge


Let me just say that I am all about this collection: simple, sultry, and very feminine. The minimal color palette of blacks, golds, and hints of red gave such a dramatic effect to each piece; along with the multiple uses of different textures. 

Cheetah print, chiffon, silk, wool, Chantilly lace, and ostrich feathers were used to create an edgy flavor to sophisticated cocktail dresses and sharp pencil skirts accompanied with cropped jackets. It was almost like a dark twist on women's fashion in 1950's. And the gowns toward the end? Perfection.


Street Style love. REBECCA MINKOFF'S FALL 2011 RTW show was another one of my favorites. Not to mention, Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp kicked it off with a live performance beforehand.

Burnout velvet, slouchy sweaters, drainpipe pants with snakeskin patches on the knees (obsessed), and a metallic twill bomber with leather sleeves and fox fur were just a few pieces that added a toughness to the entirety of the collection. I am a huge fan of blazers so when I saw the number of blazers with contrasting lining, I melted. The accessories were a great completion, with a mini quilted chain-handle bag and textured clutches of different colors.

To summarize: both of these collections are heaven on earth

i live where the sky ends

BCBG Max Azria Fall 2011 RTW: King Arthur-esque

It was last Thursday morning; as I sat in the very back of class with my 17 inch screen, waiting in anticipation for the first show to begin via livestream (paying attention of course). BCBG Max Azria was first on the lineup... I expected great results. I was wrong. So with that being said, let me just briefly go over the mental notes that I took....

If there is one thing that I despise in this world, it is turtlenecks; and clearly Mr. Azria begs to differ. All of the models sported a white, almost Under Armour-like, turtleneck with black cuffs underneath to add more depth and layers to the outfits. The significant amount of drop waistlines, skinny belts, and the knee-obscuring hemlines on skirts just made the whole collection scream "masculinity" and "shapelessness". It was just not my cup of tea. If you think about it, models are normally around 5'8/ 5'9 right? So how would you expect a girl, especially of my stature, to be able to pull this look off? I'm sure plenty of people would agree with me when I say that this collection is just not reasonable for the average sized woman. Click here for the full Fall 2011 RTW collection.

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